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Welcome to the Number 1 Program for Body Art Fitness in South Africa. Here you can get the latest Programs for Training, Weight Loss, Muscle building, Comp prep (bodybuilding) and even Nutritional advice!

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Meal Plans & Nutritional Advice

Nutritional advice and meal plans specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. No fitness goal can be achieved without eating correctly. That’s why I offer nutritional advice and meal plans that align with your goals, making dreams into a reality. I believe that diet is 80% of transforming your lifestyle and body. Vegetarian meal plans and recipes available.

Muscle Gain Plans

For those looking to muscle up, the muscle gain programme is perfect for you. With this programme, you will gain muscle and bulk up without gaining extra unwanted fat.

Weight Gain Plans

Gaining weight is not as easy as people perceive. If you’re looking to gain weight in all the right areas, my plan does just that.

Muscle Group Training

Specific muscle training is plans allocated to a specific muscle group. If you just want to tone up your arms or feel as if your legs are your weak point. These plans are perfect for you. Specifically designed to achieve your goal regarding a certain muscle group.

Weight Loss Plans

Whether you’re focusing on losing some extra weight or dropping 2 jean sizes. My weight loss plan caters for all. It is simple, fun and extremely effective. Don’t wait for tomorrow, Start now!

Competiton Prep

I can help athletes achieve top positions by focusing on their training and diet during prep. Prep is the most crucial and important aspect in any athletes career. I am a coach that will guide you to success.

Body Fat Analysis

Body fat analysis is to determine your body fat %. Body fat is the amount of fat in your body compared to everything else. Your body fat is a more accurate than using kg’s because body fat % does not include muscle mass, where as your overall weight does. Whatever your fitness goal may be, with Body Art Fitness, anything is possible!

Home Training

Train in the comfort of your own home. Skip paying gym fees by training at home either alone or with a family member. Home training gives you the opportunity to see results without leaving your house. It is convenient and private. Perfect for those who are too busy to get to gym or those who don’t like the gym.

Meet Your New Awesome Coach

THi. I am Brian Cele and i am a qualified personal trainer and body builder. I have been in the fitness industry
for just under 10 years. Over the years i have worked with many different coaches and clients. Being exposed to
working with a wide variety of people, I have learned about different types of methods as well as different types of people.
I’ve learned more about the challenges people encounter and the difficulties they face.With the wide spectrum of
knowledge and experience, I have the ability to work with individuals according to their specific
needs and help them achieve their goals.

Fitness Expert

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